Vacation Days (Day 1)

Today (3/2/16) marks the first day of my week long stint back home in Mighty MO, A. K. A. the Show-Me state.  Check back periodically throughout the week, and stay on your toes, as I’m sure I’ll have at least one too many glasses of Porter’s Fire (Ogden’s Own) or Boulevard Wheat (KC’s own) and post something silly.

Day 1:

There is something to be said about trying to pack for a trip. And that something is, “This sucks.” No matter how hard you try, you will forget something. Probably something you think is important, but really isn’t. For example, I forgot my sanity. Screw it. Sanity’s overrated, and quite frankly, a ridiculous burden. Regardless, as I was stressing about what I was possibly going to forget, my beautiful lady reminded me of wise advice once given to me by the great Keith Lynch: “They have stores in Missouri, Chris.”  Wise words that stay with me.

6:40am: Departing from SLC IA, en route to GP MO by way of KC MO. Majora’s Mask loosely holding my attention via the 3DS.

6:45am: Lost interest in Majora’s Mask. I think I lost nerd points for it, as well, but I don’t care. I can’t get into that game. Fired up Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon instead.
All I can hope for now, is that Neal and Kevin in front of me (murderous scum) maintain their charade of normalcy, zeroing out any ruckus; lest they feel the wrath of Steven Seagal’s younger half brother, Barry Seagal in the next aisle over.

There is also definitely something to be said about ascending quickly, and watching the once towering mountains become nothing but a dot…that something is, “Whoa, look at those once towering mountains becoming nothing but a dot.”


Also, it smells like peanuts.


1:30pm:  Landed in KC MO.  I was picked up by family, and taken to a very good Chinese Restaurant (Chinese Garden in Claycomo, MO).  I suggest the Sweet and Sour Chicken.

The rest of the day was spent catching up with family, and having a few drinks (I didn’t post anything silly…that I can find,anyhow.)

The night ended up with a drive through the river bottoms, and a quick stop at the family cabin at mile marker 279.

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