Vacation Days (Day 3)

The day started pretty nicely again.

Saw Sabretooth in Marshall, MO.  I’m still on the lookout for Logan.  I hope he didn’t catch my scent…I’ll never shake that big bastard.

On the way home, we stopped by the wreckage site of the Steamboat Malta, which sank at the bend of the MO river in 1841 (hence the name, Malta Bend, MO) right around mile marker 275.

A documentary is apparently being filmed there, so watch for Rob and I hanging around in the back ground…we may just show up…

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(Photos courtesy of Robin Kalthoff)

Then I got to say goodbye to the fluff ball Skippy on her way to her new home.


Tonight, I plan on catching up with some more friends and family, as we indulge in a feast of shrimp and beer.  I can’t think of a better Friday night, personally.

Later on…

Well, that was damn fun.  Ate, drank, told stories, and caught up with family and friends.  Good time.  I woke to a somewhat winning hand for a remarkably winning night.


Stay tuned for more updates, kiddos…same Cold Castle time, same Cold Castle channel.

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