Vacation Days: The Final Day

My 7th day was all about air travel.  It was a long, and a fairly boring one after I arrived at KCI. My flight to Denver left right on time, with me only having to wait for about twenty minutes. Then an hour flight. Not bad…until I arrived in Denver, and had a 3 hour layover.  That’s also not so bad, except that I was stuck on the damn Woodfall Temple, and couldn’t find the last scattered fairy.
Frustrated, was I.  I still haven’t found it. I’m a disgrace…
Anyhow, when my plane started to finally board, I thought of George Carlin, and his airline bit involving “pre-boarding”…he was right. How does one pre-board? If you’re on, then you’re on. Well, I just boarded once.

I then sat on a very packed plane. Luckily, it didn’t smell too much of honey roasted peanuts, as I had had an incident with them as a child on a flight.

On my way out, I realized that I may have shared the flight with Eric Roberts’s brother, Larry Roberts. I never get to see the actual celebrity. Just the brothers. Always a brides maid…

Thinking back, though, I was able to snap a photo of Death’s horse from Darksiders II in the Denver airport.


I arrived safely, and was greeted by my beautiful Amy, whom I missed terribly.  Thank you all for reading my posts, and stay tuned, as there will definitely be more to come.

IMG_20160308_130935594 - Copy IMG_20160308_141753092 - Copy IMG_20160308_141758061 IMG_20160308_143010993 - Copy IMG_20160308_143017111 - Copy IMG_20160308_143017111 IMG_20160308_143029289 - Copy IMG_20160308_143034055 - Copy IMG_20160308_181458934 - Copy IMG_20160308_181502830 IMG_20160308_181511652 IMG_20160308_181517107 IMG_20160308_181717018 IMG_20160308_181724828 - Copy IMG_20160308_181724828

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