Happy Anniversary!!

Well, folks. We made it another year. Three years to be exact. This last one has been interesting, indeed. At the end of March, Amester and I packed up all of our dogs and left Utah, moving half way across the country to Missouri. That was a hell of a trip, too. I’m not sure how I made it out of Denver (I got lost on a park bench for a while.) Also, if you’re traveling with a pack of dogs, one of whom being a German Shepherd, Motel 6 is the way to go. They don’t give a shit. That can be good or bad, though…we ended up in a pretty seedy establishment one evening. We made it, though, and now we’re residents of our home state yet again. Shit, not only that, we bought a fucking house. With the help of the family, we then built a six foot privacy fence for the house. Hello, adulthood! After somewhat settling into the new place, I took a very cool canoe trip with my dad and cousin, and was blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful paddling community that is Missouri River Paddlers. We watched a shitload of movies, and played an even bigger shitload of games this past year, as well. I rebranded the website and watched Amy beat Bioshock (she’s really good at that game), also. We did lose a legend when Stan Lee passed, but I know he was, would be, and is happy with the success of his work, not to mention how insanely loved he is. On the flipside, Batman: The Animated Series came out beautifully on Blu-ray, which I was gifted just in time to watch “Christmas with the Joker” on Christmas day. After that, here we are. Another wonderful day on Earth. Thank you to everyone who has supported this weird thing I call a site, and please keep checking back, as I will definitely be adding more as time goes on. Until then, stay unfocused and watch out for those damned racoons.

Over the past few years, I’ve added quite a few posts and pages to this site (previously Cold Castle Corner). During those years, I’ve had a bunch of ideas for cool things to do on the site, and made plans to bring those ideas to life. Some worked out, some did not. When I made those plans, I fully intended to complete them, and do what I set out to do…the problem is, I get distracted way too easily. I would be 100% invested in a game, but then listen to a podcast, or read an article about another game, and lose all interest in the previous one. That ended all coverage I’d intended to have. That also stressed me out, because I didn’t finish what I had planned to do. This didn’t stop at video games, however. My constant zooming from place to place extended to all aspects of the site, which, in turn led to this revamp and the carefully picked name. From here on out (maybe), I believe I will write what I feel at the moment, and play what and how I want at that time. This could mean a top 25 movies of the year, a new adventure down a sunken stream or one of many styles of video game coverage. Who the hell knows? Not me, that’s for damn sure. I greatly thank you all for visiting, reading, and enabling my madness.

Over the next few weeks, the look of the site may change as I experiment with different themes and fonts. If there is one you prefer over another, please let me know.

Let’s see what happens…

Below are just a few of my site picks, but there is much more to see via the top menu.

Full Moon Marathon

What the Hell was that Movie?

Movies: Resurrection

Focus Groups

Movies 3: The Couch Strikes Back


Spark of Energy

Game Videos

Video Game Live Streams

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