State of the Corner Address

Well, folks, it’s a new year…finally.  2016 kind of sucked the big one. Too many deaths, both close family to us here at the Corner, as well as highly loved celebrities. We did have some good times last year, though. Number one: I married my love, Amy. Best thing I could have ever done. She’s too perfect for me. Also, we were blessed to have … Continue reading State of the Corner Address

No Man’s Sky Preview

Let’s say a starship appears above my head one night. The inhabitants offer me the chance to leave Earth forever, and explore the galaxy in search of adventure and knowledge.  I say, “Hell yes.”  I then grab my family, and embark on my dream journey…Sounds good, and all, but that’s not going to happen.  What IS going to happen, is No Man’s Sky for the … Continue reading No Man’s Sky Preview