Besides running UM, I am also 1/2 of the Folk band Brothers K. I’ve been playing music for over 20 years, and loved (almost) every minute. Musically influenced by my band mate and father, Dr. K (as well as life in general), I sing songs inspired by life and death…and also ones I just make up all by my lonesome that don’t have anything to do with anything at all. I prefer to gig with my dad, Rob, but I’m 1,000 miles away from Brothers K home base. Therefore, every once in a while, a guy’s gotta go it alone.

Live Music Archive

Just released a solo EP (Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kotton), which you can find here (or directly below this sentence)…

Chris K – Facebook

Chris K – Bandcamp

Brothers K Band – Spotify

Brothers K Band – AllMusic

Brothers K Bandcamp

Brothers K – Facebook

Brothers K – Youtube

Interested in booking? Well, son of a gun! Here! Fill this out!

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