Below are just a few samples of my work.  There are many more posts, videos, and audio on this website, so please feel free to look around, and contact me via phone, email or the form below.  Thank you for your time.

Chris Kalthoff




Video Games

Batman: Arkham Knight Review

Xenoblade Chronicles X Review

Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi Review

Focus Groups (Short game streams to determine whether or not I continue playing the game)

Darksiders 3 Announcement

Game Videos

Live Streams


Canoe & Kayak Articles

Cleaning Up Missouri Waters, One Tire at a Time

5 Paddle-Camping Standouts from 2017 Winter Outdoor Retailer


Movie Impressions


The Movie Fade

…Full Moon Today…yep.



Spark of Energy




Top 20 Albums of 2015

Standout Albums of 2016

Singer/Songwriter Day


Misc. Writings

Margie and the Marvelous Mingway

Memoir of a Dead Cannibal

Wakeful Night


My Music


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