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Video games press is a tough business to stay on top of. New games are constantly releasing, and there are tons of websites and streamers covering those games immediately. I would love to buy every new game on day one and cover it, but I simply can’t afford to, nor do I have the time. Therefore, I’ve decided to let them have those games (unless there is one I feel I just can’t miss.) Instead, I will pick thru every clearance bin I see, and grab games I have never heard of (or have always wanted to play), as well as finally finishing up the games I already own. Some I will review, some I will stream, and some I will Live or Snap Look. We’ll see how I feel that moment. Please check back in, as I will be adding more as time goes on…


Very good game.  I recommend playing it with at least one other player at or around your level, though.  I started to get very frustrated playing by myself, so I opted to wait for reinforcements.  I would also like a few more options for customizing my character, as well, other than simple skins…and for God’s sake, shut that damn robot up.  The shooting feels really good, though, and the loot is addictive as hell.



Another really good game.  I’m a huge fan of Far Cry 3, and this is that on steroids.  The shooting feels good, and the environment is wonderful.  The main missions are captivating, as are the side quests.  I wish the skill trees were more inviting, though.  Overall, there were only a couple of skills that really enticed me.  That’s easily overlooked, though, as the gameplay is a ton of fun.  Those damned eagles are a menace, however.  They must be stopped.



Scream 3 (2000)


I just really like these movies, and this one had me guessing Ghostface’s identity until the final reveal.




Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers (1989)


For Donald Pleasance, if nothing else.  Damn, I love watching him freak out and scream.

“Nyoooooooowe!  HE’S PURE EVIL!!”

He’s seriously become one of my favorite actors.




Terror Train (1980)


It’s basically Prom Night on a train…right down to the leading actress, Jamie Lee Curtis.  That’s good enough from me.  I’d love to see what the Blu-ray looks like.




The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)


Tobe Hooper’s film based (loosely) on Ed Gein, is weird as shit.  So much screaming, and nutty looks, even I was begging Leatherface to chop them up.  Still, I believe it’s worth a watch.




House on Pine Street (2015)


It had a couple of decent moments, but overall, pretty forgettable (they really phoned in that ending.)  That’s actually exactly what happened.  Amy and I watched this the other day, and I walked right by the PC without even considering putting it on the site, because it was already out of my mind.  It only just occurred to me that I’d seen the movie…so, here you go.




Cult of Chucky (2017)


Good old crazy serial killer doll fun.  I really enjoyed it.  Also, Fiona Dourif is the spitting image of her father, Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky).  I mean, holy shit.




The Babysitter (2017)


It’s kind of stupid, kind of good.  Some parts felt like they were trying just a bit too hard to be self-aware and over the top by going out of their way to show you that’s what they were trying to do.  On the other hand, some parts felt rightly done.  The blood and gore was nice, and the dark tones were welcomed, but overall they just balanced each other out.  All in all, mediocre.




Dr. Giggles (1996)


Absolutely full of great quips and ridiculousness. I really don’t know why this movie isn’t a cult favorite. Stars Mark from Roseanne and Piper from Charmed.




The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)


Weird as shit, and had me captivated.  Cheesy enough to keep me laid back, but tense enough to edge me closer to the end of the couch.  Thanks for the heads up, Bob.




The ‘Burbs (1989)


Another one of my all-time favorites.  Wonderful cast, writing, setting, and directing.  This is a must buy on Blu-ray or DVD.




Shocker (1989)


Criticized for being too derivative of earlier works (Nightmare on Elm Street), this one didn’t do too well.  Well, screw that.  Yeah, it has the same feel, but that’s a good thing.  We like to think it’s in the same universe.  However you look at it, it’s worth watching.  It’s good and goofy, and screams (ha!) 1989 Wes Craven.




Ghoulies (1984)


Some weirdo makes little demonic hand puppets….er, uh…creatures run around a mansion and kill a bunch of dipshits.  Why are you still reading this?  Watch immediately, please.




OK, folks…I have a confession…I got re-hooked on Supernatural.  I’ve been binging it on Netflix, and haven’t really watched any movies…The show’s just so damned good.  It’s witty, gory, sexy, and clever…I’m on season 3 now.





Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998)


If you can get past Josh Hartnett’s hair, that is.




Halloween: Resurrection (2002)


Even Jamie Lee looked ready to end it.  It’s just bad.  Even though the overall concept is good (live internet feed from the Myers house on Halloween night, with cameras controlled by the audience at home), it’s not pulled off very well.  Also, the acting is terrible (Busta Rhymes may be the best actor in it, since Jamie Lee apparently checked out).  There are boobs, though…so there’s that.




Hatchet II & III (2010 & 2013)


Just a bunch of fun, old over the top gore.  I really like the swamp setting, and Kane Hodder’s always great.  Stoked for Victor Crowley.




The Wolf Man (1941)


 A bit dramatic in parts, but still very good.  Awesome sets.




Frankenstein (1931)


I’ve only seen three of the original Universal monster movies, but this is my favorite so far.  I was concerned it would be slow, and I’d lose interest, but that wasn’t the case at all.  Karloff was a genius.




The Mummy (1932)


Again, Karloff is wonderful.  Very different flick than I was expecting.  I figured Boris would just be chasing people around in rags the whole time.  Not the case.  It actually had some depth, and some damn good special effects for 1932.




Roseanne Tricks & Treats (1988 – )



One of the best sitcoms ever made.  Period.  It’s a fantastic show that accurately depicts blue collar life in the 80s and 90s.  Then you throw in the over the top Halloween episodes?  Sold.




The Wolfman (2010)


This is my favorite werewolf creature to date.  Just cool as hell.  The way he moves, snarls, growls and howls is simply amazing.




The Conjuring (2013)


Just a damn good ghost movie.  When it was released, it was the best horror movie I’d seen in a while.  Hell, it’s still up there.  Scares the shit out of me every time, I’m not ashamed to admit.




John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)


I know I already put this in the September post, but tonight’s Halloween.  Had to be done.  Plus it’s just really damn good.


That’s all for October, kiddos…thanks for tuning in.  See you next month! Same Cold Castle time…same Cold Castle channel!

Movies: The Sequel

Periodically, I do watch movies that don’t fall into horror or 90s sci-fi…not much recently, though. However, I find time for some. Below are movies I’ve been watching, in no particular order…Except for Drowning Mona, which my favorite movie.


Drowning Mona (2000)


Again, my favorite flick.  Great cast, soundtrack, writing and location.




National Treasure (2004)


Fun movie, indeed, but I also love treasure hunting flicks.  Mr. Cage, I can only handle for a little while, but as long as I keep them spaced out, I’m A-OK.  I do intend to watch part two in a few days.




Deep Blue Sea (1999)






Kong: Skull Island (2017)


Pretty much non-stop fun, and Kong is a bad ass.  Worth your time.




Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) & Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life (2003)


They’re just awful…awful movies.  I was prepared for some ridiculous action movie shit, but these are just too much…Plus I had to deal with Gerard Butler in the second movie…I don’t like Gerard Butler…Or Angelina Jolie…But especially Gerard Butler…God damn it.

The Adventures of Tintin (2011)


I can’t stress this enough. This movie came out of nowhere for me, and I loved it. It’s packed full of pirate treasure-hunting adventure, as well as visually gorgeous.   The details, animation, and direction are spot on, so where the hell is the sequel?  Grab on Blu-ray immediately.




The Mummy Trilogy (1999, 2001, 2008)


These movies are so much fun.  Adventure, romance, action, treasure, and the supernatural.  What more could you need?  Oh, yeah, a mummy and Jet Li.  That works, too.




The Mummy (2017)


I know people have talked non-stop shit on this flick because they want to compare it to Fraser’s Mummy series (also by Universal), but everybody at The Corner thought it was really good.  Here’s the thing: you can have both, people.  Fraser’s series is canon, and this one proves it.  If you haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil it, but it’s there, so give this one a shot.  If you HAVE seen it, and didn’t catch it, email or comment and I’ll fill you in, but I won’t spoil it for the rest.  We very much hope that they continue the Dark Universe, because that’s super exciting.  Just PLEASE don’t cast Angelina Jolie as The Monster’s bride….please.  I’m begging you.




Serial Mom (1994)


For the love of everything holy…and HOLY shit.  I’m about 50/50 on John Waters’s movies, but this one delivers, and Kathleen Turner is outstanding as the June Cleaver-esque murdering mother.  It’s clever, funny, original, and recently remastered by Scream Factory.  It’s also Matthew Lillard’s 2nd role.

Nintendo Switch

Jan 12th, 2017

Switch Event via YouTube

Well, there you have it, folks.  The release date for the Switch is March 3rd, 2017.  Not much else was revealed about the console, itself, save some new information regarding the Joy-Con controllers…they’re motion controllers.  Also, they’re going to come in different colors (neon red and neon blue).

I’m not going to lie, that hour long presentation unsold me on the Switch right now.  That could very well change, though. 

We got some promising games to look forward to, though: Mario Odyssey, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and Shin Megami Tensei.  Also, we finally got a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (March 3rd, as well), but I’m not sure that’s enough for me to drop the $299.99 needed to bring one home.

Chaining up to 8 consoles at a time for local multiplayer could be a lot of fun, when more games come out that can utilize that.  However, I do believe that the paid multiplayer could have a negative effect.  We’ll see what’s included in the paid package, and go from there.

Again, my opinion is subject to change (as it often does) as more information is revealed, but right now, I don’t plan to pre-order.




Reveal Oct. 20, 2016

Today, Nintendo released an introductory video, providing us with a look at their newest console:  Nintendo Switch.  NS is pretty much what we all thought it would be, and that’s a good thing.  It’s a home console, and a portable console.  What we didn’t know, was that it’ll be available in March of 2017…Also, it looks really cool.


Before today, a concern had been that the console would have a watered down version of the home game on the go.  This does not seem to be the case, as Nintendo states that you (they) will play the same title, “wherever, whenever and with whomever they choose.”

While at home, NS will sit in the Nintendo Switch Dock, which allows for playing on the TV with friends, family, or alone.  All one need do to transfer to the bus, car, plane, doctor’s office, etc. is lift NS from the dock and attach the Joy-Con controller to each side.  You may also leave them off for multi-player use.  Apparently, you will even be able to meet up with other NSers in the alleys of mean streets, West Side Story style, and snap your way to a victory in Mario Kart.

The Joy-Con Grip accessory and a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will also be available for purchasing.

Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO, Nintendo of America stated that, “Nintendo Switch allows gamers the freedom to play however they like.  It gives game developers new abilities to bring their creative visions to life by opening up the concept of gaming without boundaries.”

Developers, such as CAPCOM, BANDAI NAMCO, E. A., Bethesda, Activision, UBISOFT, and Telltale, will have a wider range of play styles to choose from when considering options for upcoming games for NS. This is extremely exciting to me, and I can’t wait for more news…


As always, check back for more information as it unfolds…

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced 


Red Dead Redemption 2 DELAYED until Spring 2018.

Yes, you read that right! Red Dead Redemption 2 is officially announced for Fall of 2017 for PS4 and XB1.  Oh yeah.

After a quick Twitter tease on Sunday (Oct. 16th, 2016) which simply showed the Rockstar logo in red, RS gave this press release this morning:

Rockstar Games®, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is proud to announce that the highly anticipated  Red Dead Redemption 2® will release worldwide in Fall 2017 for PlayStation®4 computer entertainment systems and for the Xbox One games and entertainment system.

Developed by the creators of Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead RedemptionRed Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in America’s unforgiving heartland. The game’s vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.

“With  Red Dead Redemption 2, the team is working hard to push forward our vision for interactive entertainment in a truly living world,” said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games.  “We hope to deliver players an epic experience that builds upon everything we’ve learned making games.”

Watch the  Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer at 11:00 a.m. Eastern, Thursday October 20th at .


Rockstar followed up the tease with these Tweets:

Well, I’m excited.  The landscape is beautiful, and it made me want to revisit RDR1. I want to know more (as does everybody else), though. Sequel, prequel, alternate reality (probably not that last one)…Are we kid Marston? John back from the grave? Again, probably not that last one…Please not that last one…We just don’t know yet. But we shall, and when we shall, I…shall…report it to you, so check back!

How do you feel about that trailer?  Thoughts?  Concerns?  Theories?

New trailer!

Dutch, huh?  Fascinating…

No Man’s Sky Impressions and (Moderate) Coverage

*** I have been on vacation in the wilderness of the Show-Me state, and shall be for a spell.  No PS4, which means no No Man’s Sky for the duration, so please be patient, and definitely check back in a week or so. Until then, enjoy the random gameplay, and let me know what you think. ***

As you may have deduced from my No Man’s Sky Preview, I’m pretty damn excited for this game. I know the basics, I’m alone in a procedurally generated universe, and I need to make it to the center of the galaxy.  What I don’t know, is everything else. What will I see, and what creatures will I discover?  I’m about to find out, kiddos! Perhaps I’m hyped for nothing, and it’s not what I think it will be. Perhaps I’m right in the excitement…

*Possible spoilers ahead*

The first fifteen minutes recorded live:

After dying in a space battle yesterday, this Douglas Adams quote popped up:

Being as Douglas is my favorite author, I was naturally ecstatic to see this. But then, about an hour later,Voyageracross this beauty:

The Heart of Gold.  Zaphod must be near by…

I had no other option, than to name the planet, Magrathea.


Misc. gameplay footage. No commentary, just me playing the game.

I found a black hole!

…and then, the second before I reached the other side, the game crashed…yep…so I reloaded, and went through again.  Unfortunately, it didn’t record that footage for some reason.  However, I recorded some of where it took me, and I was able to snag some screen shots, too.

I’ve spent quite a few hours in NMS since it’s release, and, honestly, I’ve gotten a bit bored.  Regardless of others’ opinions, I do not blame Hello Games for this.  I blame myself, and my small attention span.  HG has provided me with a space sim worthy of boldly going.  However, it does get a bit repetitive.  Everything I wanted is there, aside from more diverse planets and systems.  Trading is simple and effective, if also repetitive (which is fine.  I don’t need a complex trade system. Easier the better.)  Crafting works very well, and there is a seemingly endless supply of new tech to build and upgrade.  My advice, just focus on what you need to propel your ship, and the rest can be had in any (so far) solar systems.  They all seem very similar, basically only changing the colors of the environments.  Although, on different accounts, I did see rather unique changes in wildlife and vegetation.  I have NOT made it to the center of the galaxy, nor have I solved the Atlas mystery.  I have been distracted by other external stimuli, as it were, and shifted my focus from Sci-Fi to Horror.  The space travel is fun, though, and I do intend to finish the game.  Hopefully before Halloween, as it is drawing near.


For the love of everything holy, upgrade your hyper drive. Before my upgrade,  I could only go as far as the next system in a warp jump.  This method takes a loooooong time if you are trying to reach the center, or are following the Atlas storyline. After the upgrade to only the Warp Reactor Sigma, I was able to jump the entire way to the next Atlas Interface…seen below. 

Also, just for kicks:

Following the Atlas path, and not currently heading toward the center of the galaxy, I have been to a system already discovered by another player. It was an odd feeling, I won’t lie. 

Also, being as I’ve decided to play as Tom Paris of Voyager separated from the ship with the Delta Flyer, I’ve had to consider the fact that Tom’s brainwashed. He should be heading toward the center, and back to Voyager.  Perhaps, however, he smelled a rat, and went undercover to expose the possibly evil Atlas…Either way, it has to play out now. It’s the only way…
As always, stay tuned, kiddos…

No Man’s Sky Preview

Let’s say a starship appears above my head one night. The inhabitants offer me the chance to leave Earth forever, and explore the galaxy in search of adventure and knowledge.  I say, “Hell yes.”  I then grab my family, and embark on my dream journey…Sounds good, and all, but that’s not going to happen.  What IS going to happen, is No Man’s Sky for the PS4 and PC.

No Man’s Sky may provide me with a hint of my dream, and I’ll damn sure take it.  Brought to us by Hello Games, NMS is a procedurally generated space adventure/exploration/survival game set in an infinite galaxy, where every planet, sun, animal and star can be visited and observed.  You are alone, and must collect items and materials to trade, in hopes of upgrading your ship and suit enough to survive.  One might ask, “Survive against what?” I may answer, “Who the hell knows.”  According to Hello Games, “Every creature, geological formation, plant and spaceship is unique.”  What are we going to find out there?  I don’t know, and right now, I’m having trouble containing myself…

Your mission is get to the center of the galaxy…MY mission is to pretend I’m Tom Paris of Star Trek: Voyager.  Apparently, while checking the Delta Flyer’s boosters just outside of range of Voyager’s tractor beam, Paris accidentally flew into a wormhole, sending him to the outer rings of the galaxy.  Now he must get back to Janeway…I believe I could also follow the story provided.  Perhaps they’ll mesh together…we shall see on August…tenth!..when I actually get my hands on a copy. Until then, kiddos, enjoy some sweet screenshots, and a linked video or two!

P. S. The soundtrack, provided by 65daysofstatic, is damn good.


Tune back in, as I’m sure I’ll have some more thoughts & rambles about this game.

For more information, please visit the official No Man’s Sky website here, as well as Hello Games here.


Clumsy Canoeist on SUP

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with the reanimation of human tissue, and I have to s-…no, wait…wrong article. Scratch that…starting over….

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with Stand Up Paddleboarding, and I have to say:  I’m hooked.

A little while ago, my wife Amy and I took a trip to Causey Reservoir, located outside of Ogden, UT.  On the way, we picked up a couple of inflatable paddleboards from 2nd Tracks in Ogden.

Paddling a SUP is definitely a different experience from a canoe (which is basically the only boat I’ve been in, save a few fishing boats over the years).  I fell off. Only a couple of times when Amy and I went.  When I went by myself a few weeks a later, however, I fell off a lot. A lot a lot.

Paddling a canoe on calm water like Causey’s would be a nice relaxing experience for me. Chill, do a little paddling, sit back, take in the air and sights, etc.

Paddling the SUPs (inflatable the first time, hard shell the second) was exhausting and exhilarating. I knelt a lot at first, because I’m simply just too damn clumsy to stand up and paddle against the wind.

Amy took to it like nobody’s business, and quite effectively smoked me around the bends and alcoves.  She also obliterated me on the straightaways, which lent itself nicely to passersby giving me shit for how easy it looked to her while I was obviously struggling to keep up, like a Puggle trying to keep a sharp eye at nap time.

Below are a few videos of the trips to Causey, both with Amy and by myself.  If you are curious in the least about SUPs, have paddled before, have NOT paddled before, I STRONGLY suggest you give it a shot.  It’s definitely worth your time.

Sorry for the wind in this video…

Thanks for tuning in, kiddos! Stay tuned for more adventures of the Clumsy Canoeist as the summer progresses!

Standout Albums of 2016

Well, I got lazy, and didn’t update this all damn year…I’m a failure…but an honest one.  However, I have a list of really good music from this year! Ha! Enjoy!




Chatham County Line – Autumn



Grace – FMA



Hayes Carll – Lovers and Leavers



Luke Bell – Luke Bell



Van Morrison – “..It’s Too Late To Stop Now…” Vol 1.



Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth



The Cactus Blossoms – You’re Dreaming


Butch Walker – Stay Gold


Luke Winslow-King – I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always


Alcest – Kodama


Aaron Lee Tasjan – Silver Tears


The Olympians – The Olympians


A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service


Nathaniel Rateliff – A Little Something More


Amanda Shires – My Piece of Land


Shovels & Rope – Little Seeds


The Rolling Stones – Blue and Lonesome


Jamestown Revival – The Education of a Wandering Man


John Prine – For Better, or Worse


Durand Jones & The Indications – Durand Jones & The Indications

The Frightnrs – Nothing More to Say



I’m sure I’ve missed a few, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way.  I encourage all comments and opinions, so please don’t be shy.

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