What the Fuck was that Movie?

During my youth, I spent a lot of time alone in front of the TV watching whatever movies were on Showtime and The Movie Channel. I watched a shit load of late night karate movies, but an alarming amount of monster flicks. One of those films revolved around a humanoid monster roaming thru town killing people. The method used for one of said kills involved the monster shoving its arm through a person’s chest, then pulling it back out. When the body was discovered by the local cop, he exclaimed, “the force required to remove your arm after that is impossible! No human could have done that!”…or something to that effect. In my mind’s eye, I see a 12-14 year old me watching this, which puts us at ’94-’96ish. However, being that it was most likely on a cable movie channel, it was probably at least a few years old by that point. I always thought that it was Pumpkinhead, but I was wrong…dead wrong!…God damn it. I’m sorry for that… Anyway, I have been on a hunt for the name of this movie for years, and have made it a goal to watch every creature feature from 1999 and before until I find it.

If anyone has any ideas that may end my (but mostly Amy’s) pain, please, let me know…

Below is my hell…

P.S. Every one of these flicks has an impression tied to it on one of the site’s movie posts. I highly suggest checking those out, as I’ve watched a bunch of movies in recent years…

Pumpkinhead (1988)


Species (1995)



Species II (1998)



Wishmaster (1997)



Deadly Instincts or Breeders (1997)



Silver Bullet (1985)



Split Second (1992)


Star Hunter (1996)


The expedition continues…

Focus Group

Focus Groups are live streams of games that I’ve either never played, or are curious about. They are meant to decide whether or not I would like to continue playing them/possibly stream them, or trade them in/uninstall them.  As always, it will update (hopefully) regularly with new games and content.


Red Dead Online Beta


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor


Dante’s Inferno






Dangerous Golf


Watch_Dogs 2


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